Log in to the 365 Platform


Future of Mining 365 takes place on a dedicated website delivered by our platform partners, SwapCard .

The 365 platform was built to allow attendees from anywhere in the world to watch talks with industry leaders on demand, and explore a detailed Virtual exhibition of key global companies.

Once you receive your free mining Pass or become a Sponsor you become eligible to access Future of Mining 365 .

How do I gain access and set up my account?

Soon after gaining your free Mining Pass you will receive an email from Future of Mining 365 via the SwapCard platform.

You will be invited to click a special link within the email which will allow you to set a unique password and take you to the 365 platform website.


I am not receiving emails from the SwapCard Platform!

If you or your team do not receive emails from the SwapCard platform, please first check your junk mail to see whether the mails have been marked as spam in error by your email software.

You may need to reach out to your IT team to update your email policies or spam filtering rules to ensure all emails from @swapcard.com are accepted.


Swapcard works best using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Swapcard and the 365 platform will not work well in Internet Explorer.


How do I watch on-demand video talks?

Once in the 365 platform, navigate to the 'Latest Video Exclusives' page using the main menu.

New talks are published frequently - check back in the 365 regularly to see newly added content, or read about key content in emails from the Future of Mining 365 Team.

The most recent on-demand talks appear at the top of this page. Click each title to open the talk, where the video can be viewed on-demand whenever convenient to you.

Each talk is labelled with one of the three Future of Mining 365 key themes: MNING IN 2025, LEADERS IN MINING and BUSINESS IN MINING

Find out more about each participant in the talk by clicking on their name.


How do I explore the 365 Virtual Exhibition?

Once in the 365 platform, click on the 'Virtual Exhibition' link in the main menu.

Virtual Exhibition booths are updated whenever exhibitors have new information to share - check back frequently to stay up to date with key activities of 365 companies.

Exhibitors are listed alphabetically, and may also be organised by category. Click each Company Name to open the Exhibition booth.

Exhibition booths contain company bios, details on key staff, questionnaires on recent key activities, video talks, company presentations and more.